Levi Obery

Producer / Editor

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About Levi Obery

Producer / Editor

Levi Obery is an award-winning producer and editor with over 22 years of video and film production experience. It all started in high school when he took the traditional football team highlight reel and transformed it into a compelling, emotional documentary film. Since then, Levi has produced five independent films through his production company, Ten Thirty-One Pictures; produced, shot and edited an award-winning documentary; and consulted with start-ups, Reaction Commerce and Tinder, on brand storytelling. He graduated from Bradley University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Entrepreneurship. While in college, Levi managed IT and accounting operations for Obery Farms.

Currently, Levi is a Senior Video Producer at The Walt Disney Company. Previously, he produced and edited the feature film One of the Good Ones, which earned him the 2020 Maverick Movie Award for Best Editing. Prior to that, Levi worked as Senior Producer/Editor of Branded Video Content at Media Temple, a subsidiary of GoDaddy, where he built the video production department from the ground up and conceptualized, produced, shot and edited over 75 pieces of Telly, Davey, AVA and Webby award-winning video content.



A selection of Levi Obery's creative work.

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